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Filter criteria on screen view

Hi, Can you tell me if there is a way to display certain fields on screen within the filter search (and in the list of organisation/individuals in general)?

For example I want to view a list on screen of all the organisations that meet a specific date criteria (on screen), I want to see the date for each record on screen (contained in the field that I have just searched on), I want to be able to list in date order based on the content of that date field and also I would need to be able to select to see other fields on each line that is stored for each organisation.

Is this possible in Lighthouse or do I have to export the filtered data to carry out data integrity testing and manipulation in Excel.

Tracy Jerram

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Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your suggestion.
At present the filtered list view does not show any addition fields other than the name. We have had a number of suggestions about the data that should be displayed in this "real estate". We look forward to updating you over the next month when we have made a decision on how/what should be displayed here.

Clare Bourne
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