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Communication overview by organisation + search facility

It would be good if you could view the organisation and see all the communications attached to that organisation and be able to filter by selecting the relevant employee or search via subject header or word contained in the email.

At the moment, you have to know who sent the email, so that you then look through the email thread to find a specific email.

Tracy Jerram

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Hi Tracy,

As per our email, but for the benefit of the community:

There is a simple solution to gaining an overview of communications of a company, which is to place the individuals emails against the company too.

The search functions pertaining to communications can be found on the communications list view page, where you can drill down by user and date.

Further more - you can utilise your browser search (I use CTRL F on Chrome) to search for anything displayed on a page, this I find useful for subject headers.

Clare Bourne
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HI Tracy,

You can also use the filters pertaining to contact list view page and click Organizations & use the Last communicated date filter label in More drop-down to know all the organisations communicated during the specified time frame.

You can further use the Name filter label in More drop-down to locate if the required organisation has been communicated during the specified timeframe.

Shan Hemachandra 0 votes
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