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DEAR Customer Sales Representative Field Sync

Currently the 'Sales Representative' field against DEAR Customers is not a default sync field against Salpo Contacts.

This is a crucial field for a lot of businesses as it represents the Sales Manager or Company Manager for the individual clients which has synergy with the desired use of Salpo CRM.

The Sales Representative is also a required field in DEAR Sales Quotes/Orders which is preselected by what is present on the Customers record, otherwise it needs to be entered manually each time.

Please implement this as a standard sync field as soon as possible.

Rhys Bennett

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This is a very important feature for one of our clients also. Please implement this. There are two areas to consider: 

1. Sales Rep from DEAR customer contact should go to Salpo

2. Opportunity Owner from Salpo should populate the Sales Rep field on the sale in DEAR

Please come back to us with any questions and we hope this can be developed urgently. 

Jeri Wambeek 1 vote
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