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'Products' page connections display - limitation to 100 connections only - needs expanding to show the full list of connections

we have been using a 'Products' page to add connections to a specific product, which is our case is a 'training'. The idea was to list all the contacts which had been trained in a specific 'product' with their license number for which we've used the 'label' field - however, having added 400+ contacts the page displays only a capped number of 100 contacts (connections). This is very limiting to us, as we cannot see/display all the connections against that product. The Contacts/filtering via 'MORE' is not an option for us, as some contacts linked to a product are not necessarily our clients and we don't need to have them registered with a label on the system, we only need the label to show against that contact on the 'products'  page. 

Request: can we see the full list of all the connections against a Product on the Product page, please, and not a capped list to 100 connections only. 

Monika Czwerenko

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